Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eli is 5!

Well he will be tomorrow anyways!

Height : 48 inches
Weight: 52 pounds
Shoe Size: 2
Clothing size: 7

110 % height (my best guess)
96% weight

At least when people ask how old he is I can tell him 5, that sounds more believable than 4 for such a giant kid!

Party pictures still to come...


Brian said...

so tall! Max can't wait until he's 48", when he'll be big enough to go on some of the bigger roller coasters at Magic Mountain. It'll probably be another 6 months before he reaches it, and he's not a small kid!

Jeni said...

Shoe size 2!?!?!?!?!? My 6 1/2 year old is in a 13. That's unbelievable. HE's a tall kid! Happy birthday