Friday, February 27, 2009

SNL Videos

These SNL clips crack me up!
No one commits to a character like Kristen Wiig.

Sexy Shannon

Target Lady

Engagement Surprise

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Felt Food

For Christmas I collaborated with some Gals from the Quatama Ward and we made sugar cookies. They came out so cute, and were fairly easy to make, that I couldn't resist trying some other foods.

The eggs were by far the easiest, and came out pretty good.

I thought the cinnamon buns looked easy, but it ended up taking quite a bit of time, so I only made one. I also made an apple slice, and some bow tie pasta (which just happens to stick to the fork when Eli pretends to eat it). He's been having a lot of fun with all of the kitchen stuff, I think we have a budding chef!

Lunch anyone?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Things kids say!

Carrying Eli up the stairs has become a bit difficult (even though he's a few pounds lighter now), I blame the little baby for stealing all of my oxygen!
So, the other day when I was carrying him up the stairs I was telling him "You're too heavy for Mommy to carry you up the stairs any more", Eli replied "Heavy Mommy!".
So now every time I carry him up the stairs he says "Heavy Mommy".
Thanks Eli!

Another funny one is when he wants to go with us somewhere. I'll say "stay here, Mommy's going to get some pants for you upstairs and I'll be right back" Eli replies "come me?".
I guess this comes from us when we ask "do you want to come with me?", but he doesn't have it quite right yet. So now whenever we go anywhere it's always "come me" or "come me too?".

I'm sure he'll get it straight one of these days, for now we just laugh.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Skinny Baby

First off, this is the face Eli makes every time I get the camera out. Apparently he's smiling because he says "Cheese!".

Eli was painting tonight and I jumped at the opportunity to get a couple of cute pictures. I realized while I was taking them that my little guy is shrinking, and I could see his ribs. He's had the stomach flu all week and he had a cold the week before, the poor kid has had a tough time. Honestly he's not the only one, morning (all day) sickness and cleaning up after the stomach flu don't really mix. He hasn't had an appetite all week, and the little we get him to eat doesn't have much time to do him any good. Today was the first day he really seems to be improving, he ate a yogurt for breakfast, 2 chicken nuggets for lunch and 1/2 a pancake and a piece of toast for dinner, that's more than he's eaten all week. Luckily he's been drinking a lot, so dehydration hasn't been an issue.
Here's to 13 weeks and hoping for an end to the nausea, and not having to do a load of laundry at 2:30am for a long time!