Saturday, December 31, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Robes

The kids wanted robes for Christmas. Well, I think Eli wanted one and then Lilly just wanted to be like Eli. Eli was very specific about his, it had to be red (his favorite color) and he wanted it to have white stripes. After Costco and Target failed to have anything he wanted, we headed to JoAnne's to check out their fabric. Eli couldn't find stripes, but he said this print was even better because snowflakes "seem more like Christmas".
Lilly is easy, she's still obsessed with Hello Kitty so the choice was clear. It seems like they have Hello Kitty stuff everywhere, so I thought a robe would be easy to find. Alas, I ended up sewing two robes! I finished them this afternoon, and since it's so close to Christmas, and the kids have seen them from the get go, I just let them have them today.
They both loved putting them on after the bath, it was a little hard to convince them to put on pajamas.

Lilly was a crack up during her "photo shoot". She has the wackiest personality, and loves doing anything to get a smile out of you.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Funny Lilly

Check out the Video on You Tube

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Preschool and Santa

Stay tuned for the final Santa Picture, it didn't upload for some reason and as usual it's midnight, so I'll deal with that tomorrow.
Eli brought printouts to show Santa of the toys he wants for Christmas this year. This way there will be no confusion, and he'll be sure to get the right toys. Santa asked if any were for Lilly and Eli said "no everything is for me, Lilly doesn't need any presents because my Mom already bought her something"!!
Santa said his favorite cookies are Snicker doodles (thanks Santa, now we have to make these and they're one of my least favorite cookies). He also said that he has 6 reindeer and they prefer baby carrots (which we never buy) because they think small carrots are like candy.
My Christmas to do list got a little longer after that visit, isn't Santa supposed to be helping me out? I mean he gets all the credit and I'm doing all the work!

Eli had an art night at his preschool last week. Lilly was able to attend with us and she loved it. I think she'll be more than ready to go to preschool next fall.
We made gingerbread play dough, painted picture matting, collage candle holders, shakers, bracelets, and shoebox guitars, what a night!