Monday, June 30, 2008


Grandma Rowe went with us (sorry you didn't make it into a picture) and took us all on the train. Eli loved it and stayed interested through the 40 min train ride through Washington Park.

We borrowed the leash from the Churches, and it worked out great! Eli walked around the whole zoo, I don't think we used the stroller at all.

Surprise, surprise, Eli climbing on everything.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's Summer Baby

Between the yard, park and zoo, we've been outside like 8 hours a day this week.
Grandma and Grandpa came to visit a couple of times.
Eli dropped his first bomb in the tub, then cried because it scared him.
Daddy killed the big spiders in the garage (thank you).
Ben's still fighting the cold we've passed all around the family.
That's our week!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Ben loves Superman, but I could never get into it.
Part of my problem is the outfit.
I just don't understand why he has to wear his underwear on the outside of his pants.
It reminds me of a story my Mom told me about her trip to Africa, when she gave bras to some of the Native Women.
They were so excited to be like "Western Women", so they put their bras on over their dresses so they could show them off.
So, I'm thinking maybe they didn't have underwear on Krypton, and when superman made his outfit he put the underwear on the outside to show them off.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This is Eli's latest trick! He climbs up on the toilet, turns the water on, and brushes his teeth. The only problem is he can only turn it to hot.

Here's our new rubber band child safety device. It's one more obstacle to over come when visitors try to use the bathroom. We already have a toilet lock and a duck covering the faucet in the tub (making it impossible to turn on the shower).

This reminds me of the first time I put the toilet locks on, Ben had already gone to bed. He woke up in the morning and of course had to use the bathroom. He ran in and found a complex baby lock which requires two hands to use, pull a button out and push down a lever at the same time. He did manage to get it open in time, but admitted he almost had to use the sink!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blankets and more

Eli is feeling better now. While he was sick he got really attached to his blankets. He especially loves the one with the satin trim. He wants is when he gets hurt, is tired, or just wants to snuggle. As you can see here blankets "make it all better".

He had just come in from playing in the sprinkler today and was pulling his giraffe around. I just thought he looked so cute with his rolled up pants and shoes.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

No Excuses

I know I haven't been blogging as much as usual, in fact I've hardly been using the computer.
So, here's a little update with what's been going on around here.

We gave talks at church last week. Ben spoke on Recognizing the Promptings of the Holy Ghost and I spoke on Developing Spirituality. Both talks went well, and I wasn't as nervous as I usually am. Turns out with a baby to keep me busy, I didn't have time to think about it.

My Mom came to visit for a month. Ben and I were spoiled, we could go out anytime we wanted to. I could go shopping during nap. I don't think I did the dishes more than once. She even folded our laundry and picked up toys. Not to mention the fun Eli had playing with her. We were all sad to see her go.
We just had to make sure she didn't try to pack Eli in her suitcase, like someone did to this kid. Luckily with the new luggage restrictions airlines have enforced, she wasn't able to fit him. But believe me, that doesn't mean she didn't want to.

The Cub Scouts are getting ready for summer camp. We're learning skits, making flags and practicing yells. We've also gone on a hike, played dodge ball and made Native American drums. I had no idea there were so many meeting associated with Cub Scouts. After the initial training sessions we just have Den Meetings, Pack Meetings, Committee Meetings and Round table.

My Mom and I went to see a concert. It was a live recording for a radio program called:
"From the Top"
They showcase young talent from around the U.S. and we got to hear a great selection of music. The artists were incredible and made it look so easy. It was also fun to be at a live recording, I thought it was funny (but good) they handed out cough drops at the door.

Most of all I've been playing with Eli. This was his idea by the way, I was eating popcorn and when he saw it he ran to the kitchen, grunted and pointed at the spatula so Daddy would give it to him, then he handed it to me and opened his mouth. I have no idea where he came up with this. It was like he saw the popcorn and thought "Oh, I'll need my spatula".
Eli has a bad cold now, so I've been holding him non-stop for a couple of days, we've watched a whole lot of Sesame Street (thank you Tivo).

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Go ahead, make yourself comfortable

Why do all kids feel the need to put their feet on the table? This can't be comfortable.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sauvie Island

We hiked Virgina Lake on Sauvie Island on Saturday. I have to say Virginia Lake wasn't much more than a small marsh, but the hike was nice. It was 2.2 mile loop and all flat, great for kids. There is a picnic shelter at the beginning/end and a couple of glimpses of the river. There was a lot of lush vegetation and it made for a very pretty hike. The Williams, Tonks and most of the Church family joined us.

Eli's back in the pack

Most of the gang

Uncle Ben is scary

I want to do it myself

One of the big kids (almost)