Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sauvie Island

We hiked Virgina Lake on Sauvie Island on Saturday. I have to say Virginia Lake wasn't much more than a small marsh, but the hike was nice. It was 2.2 mile loop and all flat, great for kids. There is a picnic shelter at the beginning/end and a couple of glimpses of the river. There was a lot of lush vegetation and it made for a very pretty hike. The Williams, Tonks and most of the Church family joined us.

Eli's back in the pack

Most of the gang

Uncle Ben is scary

I want to do it myself

One of the big kids (almost)

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The Wheelers said...

Oh my gosh, Eli looks so big in his hat hiking with all the kids! You wean them and next you know they're shaving their faces. "Uncle Ben is scarey"... Evie's face says it all. Looks like a fun hike! I'm glad to see the rain has let up a little.