Friday, February 13, 2009

Things kids say!

Carrying Eli up the stairs has become a bit difficult (even though he's a few pounds lighter now), I blame the little baby for stealing all of my oxygen!
So, the other day when I was carrying him up the stairs I was telling him "You're too heavy for Mommy to carry you up the stairs any more", Eli replied "Heavy Mommy!".
So now every time I carry him up the stairs he says "Heavy Mommy".
Thanks Eli!

Another funny one is when he wants to go with us somewhere. I'll say "stay here, Mommy's going to get some pants for you upstairs and I'll be right back" Eli replies "come me?".
I guess this comes from us when we ask "do you want to come with me?", but he doesn't have it quite right yet. So now whenever we go anywhere it's always "come me" or "come me too?".

I'm sure he'll get it straight one of these days, for now we just laugh.

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