Sunday, February 22, 2009

Felt Food

For Christmas I collaborated with some Gals from the Quatama Ward and we made sugar cookies. They came out so cute, and were fairly easy to make, that I couldn't resist trying some other foods.

The eggs were by far the easiest, and came out pretty good.

I thought the cinnamon buns looked easy, but it ended up taking quite a bit of time, so I only made one. I also made an apple slice, and some bow tie pasta (which just happens to stick to the fork when Eli pretends to eat it). He's been having a lot of fun with all of the kitchen stuff, I think we have a budding chef!

Lunch anyone?


The Wheelers said...

Felt food -what a cute idea. It looks really good! Mason and Eli would be good buddies. He loves to play with fake food (and real food for that matter). Plus, his favorite bedtime story is called "When I go to the Supermarket", if that tells you anything.

The Hadley Family said...

How cute!! Where was this fun stuff when I was a little girl? My mom did make all my Barbie clothes so I thought I was a pretty lucky girl. :)