Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cake Pops

We did Cake Pops for Eli's Birthday at preschool today, they were a hit!
They're easy to make and just the right size for kids, not to mention tasty.

Eli, as usual, had very specific requests. He wanted strawberry cake, with red chocolate and red, white and pink sprinkles. I told him we could have that, but they would look like they were for Valentines Day. He replied "that's okay, the girls will love them". Oh my, we're going to be in serious trouble in a few years!

Rachel kindly let us borrow this : Babycakes Cake Pop Maker
It worked wonderfully and cooks these tasty spheres in only a few minutes.

I'm totally making these for every birthday from now on, I've already got a plan for Lilly.
Hello Kitty Cake Pops


Adrianna said...

Eli... the ladies man... (said with a Ben Rowe drawl, or course) :) Have you had cake balls yet?? Heaven on a stick, or in a ball, or whatever. Those pops are cute! You are a good mommy.

Rachel said...

I am sure glad you liked them, because it took me 2 weeks to get into a mental space where I could even fathem doing them again... But then again, we the traditional circles wasn't my complaint! Watch out for those Hello Kitty ones- JK(they're probably circles with choc. chips for ears knowing Bakerella.

jamie t. said...

Those look great. We tried to make them once and they were a mess (and looked a mess) How fun!