Friday, December 24, 2010

Eli's School Program

This was Eli's first school program. The kids had so much fun making crafts, doing activities and eating lunch together. They prepared a small program for the kids to sing 3 songs for the parents to watch. I saw them practice singing and bowing in the hallway, but that was about it. As soon as the kids got up in front of the classroom, Eli yelled "Mom, I have to go potty!". We ran to the bathroom as fast as we could, had a small fight because Eli wanted to button his own pants but I said there wasn't time, and ran back to the classroom. Sadly the kids had just finished when we returned, so we missed the whole thing. Oh well, I guess it's a funny story to tell about Eli's first school program, and I'm sure there will be many more to look forward to.
On the bright side, Eli didn't seem to care at all that he missed the program. He went right back to digging in the fake snow they had set out for the kids.

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