Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas is here!

Lilly got finger nail polish and her first pedicure.

Lilly got a Crusoe just like Hylton's from Grandma Rowe.

Eli got a sand construction set from Granny Paula.

Ben has the supplies to brew his own Root Beer, we'll have to wait to see how that turns out.

Eli got a real telescope, so he can see things far away while we're driving in the car.

Every Lady needs a purse to carry her important belongings around.

Santa came through and brought Eli a rescue helicopter for Little Teddy Beary to drive.

Michelle got new boots!

The kids got a bath toy that works like a faucet, so there's always running water in the tub.

Lilly got a custom doll bed hand crafted by Mom and Dad!

I just realized I never posted about going to see Santa. Lilly was scared to death of him, we couldn't get her to sit on his lap. Eli loved him and had an enchanting conversation with him. He asked for his rescue helicopter, and asked if he could leave carrots out for the reindeer. Santa told him the reindeer would love carrots, but to just leave them one. If they ate too many carrots they would be too fat to fly!

Eli working away.

Changing to the wrecking ball, time to do some demo.

Who is this bed for?

Lilly in all her Christmas finery. She hasn't gone a second without at least one necklace on since yesterday.

Here is Cargo, our new spring horse. Lilly is getting more confidant on him with every ride.

Eli loves Cargo, and named her. Cargo already has her own personality, she's a leader of the other horses, listens too all of Eli's commands and likes to eat seed. Eli even stops to let her go to the bathroom!

We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful Christmas season. We drove around many a night looking at Christmas Lights, went to Zoo Lights,

visited Santa, Skyped family and celebrated our 10 year anniversary on the 19th.
We're excited for a new year, and can't wait to see what life has in store for us in 2011!

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jamie t. said...

I love all the pictures! Looks like your Christmas was a big success.... and I love your boots!