Tuesday, July 21, 2009


After 3 more inconclusive x-rays they finally did a contrast dye study this morning. They did find a blockage and are planning on repairing it Thursday morning. This means Lilly will have to go back on a ventalator for surgery, and will probably stay on it for a few days. They estimate about a week for recovery and then we'll start feeding.

We're all moved into our new house and love it. It's been a busy week, but everything went smoothly. We want to say thank you to everyone who chipped in. We've never really needed help from our Ward before, and were touched at how willing everyone has been. So, thanks for all the meals, packing, cleaning, moving and unpacking. Thanks to our friends and family for all of the babysitting and moral support. We can't find enough words to express our gratitude.


runningfan said...

I'm so glad your ward family is taking care of you! Good luck with surgery and recovery!

Jacki said...

Oh- I'm sorry she needs the 2nd surgery. I was hopeful that she wouldn't. It sounds hard to watch her have the xrays and dye test- let alone surgery and the ventilator again. Sorry. I hope it all goes well Thursday!

I'm glad you're loving your new house- I hope Eli does too!

Rachel said...

Good luck Thursday and welcome back to the ward!