Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lilly Update

They did an x-ray of Lilly's bowels today. They didn't find anything negative, but can't tell for sure if everything is connected or not. The plan is to let her rest and wait until next week to do a contrast study.
She's taking a pacifier now, which is kind of cute. When we got to the hospital this morning she was crying and the nurse was running back over to replace her pacifier for what looked like the hundredth time. I guess we have a binki baby on our hands.
We are able to change her diaper and take her temperature when we're there. Last night we even got to change poop! At home we fight over who changed poop last because no one wants to do it, at the hospital we're both anxious to have our turn.


jamie t. said...

Thanks for the updates!!

Jacki said...

Good news! I hope the tests come back with more good news. The binky story is so cute- i wish we could attach them somehow! And I think Michelle gets all the diaper duty she wants- just tell Ben he can have 5 times as many turns when Lilly comes home- esp at 3am!

Whit said...

Welcome Lillian!! We are thinking and praying for your family. Keep the updates coming.