Tuesday, August 28, 2012

All the Day, All the Day, All the Day

On Thursday evening I noticed a huge water filled bubbled hanging from the ceiling in the family room.  Apparently the pipe to the shower was leaking from the upstairs bathroom, and water pooled in the ceiling right over the couch.  The house has a one year home warranty, so we called them up and they had a plumber here first thing Friday.  The work on the pipes was covered, but not the drywall.  I guess Ben will be learning to patch drywall sometime soon.  Until then we have these lovely holes in the wall/ceiling.

There's been a lot of smoke in the air from all of the wild fires over the last couple of weeks.  One day, after breaking up a dozen fights between Eli and Lilly we headed to Planet Kid.  The kiddos loved it, so we stayed for over 3 hours!  I'd rather be outside, but if the weather doesn't permit, this is a pretty fun place!

On the way home we had a rare and cherished moment of peace.

Here's Eli at the spray park, it's so nice to have weather hot enough to make these kinds of activities enjoyable!

Here's a picture of Hello Kitty Eli drew for Lilly, I love it!

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