Friday, July 20, 2012

Moving, Moving....

Here we are in the driveway in Oregon, getting ready to drive to Boise!

 This is packing round 2, in our apartment in Boise.

I was so excited when the Uboxes were delivered, we finally have all our stuff in one place again.

We had to buy all new appliances, and a standard size fridge didn't fit, we even tried removing the base board.

Here's fridge number 2, it fits, but is considerably smaller.

 The range didn't fit either!  

They don't come in any other size, so we had the gas company move the line, the electrician move the outlet, and another guy come cut the granite counter top.  It's squished, but it's in!  It seems to be a trend in this house, the washer and dryer almost didn't fit through the laundry room door either, let's just say I hope they don't break for a long time because they're never coming out!

 The first meal on the new stove was steak tacos.  I love corn tortillas cooked right over the flame, yum, yum!


We wanted to buy a house that didn't need any work, I'm not sure what happened.  I'm just glad to be semi settled and if it's up to me, we're never doing this again.  We've been prepping, staging and packing, unpacking, house hunting and moving since January, this seriously took up 7 months of our life.  I'm looking forward to having a somewhat normal routine again.  Hopefully that'll happen soon!

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