Sunday, June 17, 2012

Random Update

Lilly got all of these little erasers from the Underwater Easter Egg Hunt we did at the Hillsboro Aquatic Center.  She still keeps them in a little change purse and plays with them all the time.  She brought them to Eli's swim lessons the other day, and they kept her occupied for an hour.  The little bunnies are friends, they do a lot of kissing and some times share a carrot.
Her obsession with tiny things continues!

The new roof went on our house this week!
I can't wait to have a room without a baby in my closet, and for the kids to have a yard.
Can't wait until closing on the 25th!!

We got a new craigslist couch, since we left our other couch in Oregon.
It had a small tear on one arm, which I sewed up and you can't really even tell it's there.
I had a moment of regret right when we brought it home, I feeling sorry for myself because we always buy used things. I was wishing we could have bought a new couch, and I didn't have to clean/repair everything we own.  Then, before I had even finished assembling the couch Lilly walked over and spit an entire mouthful of chocolate milk on one of the cushions!  I was suddenly overjoyed that the couch was used, had a little dog hair on it, and a hole, because the chocolate milk incident would have sent me off the deep end if we had just paid a an arm and a leg on a brand new couch.  Thank you Lilly for reminding me what's important in life.

Is this a girl thing?  Lilly has to bring half the house with her everywhere we go.  As if I'm not already toting enough stuff: diapers, extra clothing, towels, water, snacks......  Now we have to bring a monkey, a toy phone and camera, sunglasses, a few necklaces, and of course her "sucked on" blanket. When we're trying to get out the door, Lilly keeps saying "wait" and runs back to her room to get something else she forgot.  I guess life would end if we forgot the rock collection next time we go to the park!

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