Thursday, May 17, 2012

Zoo Boise


We did so many fun things at the zoo today, but my phone died half way through, so there aren't pictures of everything.  We rode the carousel, fed giraffes lettuce, fed the goats, and road a boat.  We don't have a train, but the super slow, solar powered boat is quite the thrill ride if you're two.  They said the top speed is 3mph, but that they've never reached top speed (and I believe it).  
Hooray for another normal day in Idaho!

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Courtney said...

man, you guys are sure staying busy! what fun! and just so you know, we have had normal days for awhile here now too :) although i hear the rain is returning sometime next week... boooo. but, i have gotten myself into full blown summer mode with all this great weather we've had AND we used our new central air! woot!