Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Swimming in Boise

We found a pool in Boise to continue Eli's swim lessons.  It's a salt water pool, which is cool I guess.... having never been in I can't really say.  I love the little wall they have to contain the kids while they're waiting their turn.  Eli used to get in trouble for not staying on the wall at the Hillsboro Aquatic Center, but here all the kids wait in a 2 ft. deep walled off area until their one on one time with the teacher.  Each lesson is 45 min. and they just play until their 10 min. of undivided time with the instructor.  I don't know if this would be great for everyone, but it's perfect for Eli.  

I found the pool online HERE and thought it looked like any other facility.  We printed out our google map and headed out for our first lesson.  The address brought us to a residential, somewhat rural road and I thought we were lost.  I spotted a suspicious looking barn near a big house with about 15 minivans parked outside.  We decided to drive down the long gravel drive and check it out.  Sure enough kids in towels were coming out, and you could see the pool through one of the windows.  It's a great pool, with dressing rooms, showers, even a playroom for Lilly with toys and movies (and a closed door , with plenty of big windows, my favorite part).  Only in Idaho are your swim lessons in a giant barn!!

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