Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lilly Lou

I love my quiet lady.
She loves playing with small things, and sorting objects like money or rocks.
She'll spend hours looking at her rock collection or playing with wood chips at the park.
I love seeing her imagination take off, these wood chips were our lunch.  We used a larger wood chip to "eat" the smaller ones, and I was instructed multiple times to "eat it all up".  Yesterday came to me with an empty hand in a cupping shape and said "look at Lilly's bunny, oh he's so cute".  I had to pet and feed her "bunny", then she set him gently on the table to finish eating her goldfish crackers.  She's getting more adventurous and independent everyday, climbing big play structures at the park and going down the big slide.  
My little lady is growing up!

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