Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Alex, Rhet, Ben, Angela and Whitney

Gillian and Lillian

Zoo Boise

The Park

Spray Park

We recently went to visit Ben's cousins in Boise, and had a blast! It was so fun to see everyone after so long (8 years), and we had fun touring Boise. We hit: Roaring Springs Waterpark, Zoo Boise, and Powell's Sweet Shoppe, a few parks and even the Library. Eli and Lilly loved meeting all of the "cousins", and going on our first "family vacation"! We got to eat at Johnny Carino's, which was our favorite restaurant in Idaho Falls when we were at BYU Idaho (or Rick's when we were there). Ben even got to sneak in a few bike adventures, including a rope swing into the Boise River. The kids did great in the car, much better than I expected, and we ended the trip with a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house in The Dalles. Eli keeps asking if we can go back to Idaho, he wants to go to the Water Park again!

Lilly developed a fear of flies on the trip. We had one in the car and she'd scream hysterically every time she saw it, she even had nightmares about it the first night we got there. She freaked out in the butterfly exhibit at the zoo, and continues to scream as if a limb is being amputated whenever one gets in the house. Poor Lady, I hope this is something she out grows and isn't afraid of all flying insects when she grows up.

Eli couldn't remember Rhet's name to save his life. He kept calling him Eric, which we attribute to Emmett's Dad being named Eric and Gillian's Mom being named Erica. Somehow he couldn't get it all straight and we'd have to correct him multiple times a day!

Thanks to Rhet and Erica for being such great host's and letting us invade your house. We won't let another 8 years go by without another visit.

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Beth said...

Let us know when you come back to Boise! It was so fun seeing you guys!