Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Purple Bead

We went to a birthday party at the park yesterday and shortly after arriving there, we had to leave. Eli had a bloody nose and said he had a bead stuck up his nose. At first I thought he said "Bee", and was glad to find out it was a piece of plastic and not a bug. I stood up to take a look, and my sandal broke. I decided it wasn't such a big emergency that it couldn't wait a few minutes, I took Ben and Lilly home, got some shoes (you definitely need shoes in the ER) and drove to the hospital.
They were really quick about it, we were only there a few minutes before they got it out. They stuck a very tiny straw with a little balloon on the end up his nose. They pushed the end past the bead, inflated the little balloon, and pulled it out with the bead wedged in front of it.
Eli didn't think this was very fun, but loved the Popsicle they gave him afterwards. I hope this experience will discourage him from sticking anything else up there!
When we asked him why he did it he said "Kylie stuck a bead up her nose and it got stuck, I thought if I did it I could get it out"! We had actually hoped the experience of a friend having the same thing happen would prevent this kind of experience, but alas no such luck. We even had to call Kylie because Eli wanted to know what color her bead was, for the record it was green!


AZ Allreds said...

Awesome! Leif stuck a stick up his nose once...luckily it wasn't stuck but he did get a nasty nosebleed...sadly, he did it to both nostrils.

jamie t. said...

Bummer! I'm glad they got it out safe and sound. Eli is looking so grown up lately.

lmk1411 said...

So how do we keep Lilly and Parker and Brinley from joining the ranks? Obviously we failed the first time :)