Thursday, June 30, 2011


Last Saturday we hiked Hamilton Mountain on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge. Eli hiked the whole way, about 4 miles, and Lilly loved the backpack. We were dog sitting the Blaisdell's dog Lucy, so we took her along. The kids had fun taking turns holding the leash, she was the "leader". It was a great kid hike, some uphill, but not too steep. I'm so happy summer is here, can't wait for the next adventure!


Brian said...

Dang, I thought for a minute their that you got a dog! We are thinking of getting another one soon ;-)

lmk1411 said...

Looks like a nice place!

Courtney B said...

lucy loved you guys. like i said last week... i think she likes you better than us :) we haven't taken her on a hike since arlo has been born. maybe we'll go on the same one again! thanks again for taking her!!!