Saturday, April 09, 2011

From a guy who got a C in Woodshop

This whole project started because I found a tutorial online for some cute, but inexpensive DIY bookcases. I showed Ben, he loved the idea so he got started.

Here's our bookcase before

Our living room before

The bookcases after!!

Ben went a little over board, and of course he's a perfectionist. It may have taken a lot longer than expected, but look at these babies, I can't complain!

We went in a little bit of a different direction than the tutorial, but used the same basic idea. We "dressed up" our cheap particle board bookcases and made them into something beautiful. We combined the look of about 5 different bookcases and Ben added some custom touches.

He custom built the base to match our cabinet we got off of craigslist.

Most of our stuff is used, we've fixed up just about everything in here.
I don't know what it would be like to buy something and just set it out. The idea sounds nice, but this way we get exactly what we want, and don't spend too much in the process.

Desk: Craigslist - painted and a new knob
Chair: Goodwill - painted, distressed, and reupholstered
Bookcases: Craigslist - added beadboard, trim, base, beefed up shelves and painted
End table: Goodwill - cleaned up
Coffee table: Craigslist - cleaned up
Clock: Goodwill - cleaned up

Most of the stuff on the shelves is also Goodwill. Ben's been buying books there for years, and I've been collecting "stuff" the last few months to put on the bookcases. Yes, you heard that right, MONTHS, we've had these in the works since Thanksgiving.

We've got a few more projects in the works, so stay posted.


Alie said...

They turned out great, well done Ben!

Adrianna said...

Way to go, BEN! Those turned out really good! And good planning on Shelly's part!

Becky said...

They look great! We get all our books from goodwill too. Well occasionally if Ive been looking for a certain one forever I will get it used at powells, but I LOVE paying just a couple of dollars for a book (especially kid books which my kids seem to just destroy regardless if I payed one dollar or nine)
have you ever been to Ana Whites site? She has some great DYI builds like what you did.