Tuesday, January 25, 2011

John Deere

Eli turned 4 on Saturday with a John Deere birthday party.

We played pin the wheel on the tractor.

Lilly's with her consolation gift, ducks are her favorite.

Eli had a lot of help from friends checking out his new stuff!

It got a little crazy, maybe we should have opened presents on the floor.

The inside of the cake was lemon and white cake dyed green, got to keep up with the John Deere theme.

Sterling advising Eli on his Birthday wish!

Even the chickens gave Eli a birthday present. This is the first egg we've had from them, and it came on Eli's birthday. Eli went out to check for eggs, just like we've done daily for the last 2 weeks. Eli was ecstatic to find and egg, and couldn't wait to eat it for lunch. I think we decided Penny was the gift giver.

The cake was a hit, everyone wanted the slice with the tractor on it!


jamie t. said...

Looked like an awesome party... and what a cake. I'll have to steal that idea when Carter is old enough to appreciate it!

Alie said...

well done, that cake was so cool. What a fun little party.

Jeni said...

What a fun birthday!!! Happy Birthday Eli!