Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween 2010

Eli and Herbie at Trunk or Treat

Eli on his way to preschool. Of course, he would only let me take a picture of the back of his costume!

The spoils from his preschool trick or treating.
This turned out to be the only candy he got. He was too sick to stay at trunk or treat long enough to get any candy. He also missed trick or treating around the neighborhood, when I asked if he wanted to go he said he just wanted to lay on the couch. You know a kid doesn't feel good when they turn down candy.

Lilly on her way to Trunk or Treat

I was too lazy to carve pumpkins this year, what with two kids with the stomach flu and all. I spray painted them white and decorated them with black paint. It took about 10 min. and left virtually no mess. I think this might become a tradition!

Pearl and Lilly just after trick or treating!
The girls were a little confused at the first couple of houses, but they got the hang of it quickly. They both kept taking more and more out of the candy bowls, because they're so little people thought it was cute and encouraged them to take as much as they wanted. When I told the neighbor Lilly's favorite candy was Almond Joy, and she'd been asking for it all day, she believed me. She only realized after giving Lilly 3 Almond Joy, and Lilly couldn't have cared less about the candy, that they we're really intended for Lilly. You've got to train them young, go for the chocolate!

Lilly's first experience with candy. I was surprised she loved it, Eli likes the idea of candy, but doesn't really eat any. Lilly couldn't get enough in her mouth fast enough.

The grown up party at the Churches house. So much fun, great friends, food, costumes and decorations, what more could you ask for?

My Victorian era costume put together with about a million safety pins. I was a little afraid to sit down, but it looked cool.

Ben and I together at the party. Thanks Dave for the great pictures!


Brian said...

The last picture of you and Ben is great; I love it! Also, anything with Lily in it is obviously a win :-)

Alysha said...

You look great! That's an amazing skirt! The kids are getting so big! Hope you are all healthy again!