Thursday, October 07, 2010

Hair Accessories

I'm still getting used to having a girl. Boys are easy, you just dress them in whatever truck shirt is clean. Girls have sweaters, tights, skirts and hair things. So far I haven't attempted much accessorizing, but thanks to my friend Rachel we made hair clips today. Thanks Carly for the rosette idea, you girls will save Lilly from being a tom boy yet!

P.S. I love Lilly's eyes in the second picture. She had been fussing because she didn't want to sit for a picture, but they're so clear and big. You can really tell what color they are.


Brian said...

Amy would never keep that on her head! Any bows/ribbons/accessories we attempt, she immediately removes. We can usually keep rubber bands on if we do them tight enough, so pig tails are her trademark :-)

jamie t. said...

Your Rose is georgous! I need you to make me one.... or show me how to do it. I am serious :) Lilly is a doll!

runningfan said...

Will she wear a headband at this age? Lexi won't hear of it, and it makes me sad!