Wednesday, August 25, 2010


New Haircut
(Thanks Adrianna)

Lilly and her Raggedy Ann doll

Little Beary has been reunited to our family!
We called the landfill and asked them to search through piles of garbage for this guy.
It took them 6 weeks to find him, but they came through.
They sent him to the cleaners on his way home, since he was filthy from being buried in trash for so long. Little Beary looks as good and new, and is so happy to be home. Eli teared up when he opened the package, and won't go anywhere without him.
Apparently Little Beary not only missed Eli, but missed helping Eli drive his toy backhoe combo.

Oh, to be three and believe in magic!


Rachel said...

Seriously, Where did you find little beary? And, I love your hair... Now if Adrianna would only put her hands on my mop!!! However, I don't have talents to barter with like your photography gift.

Adrianna said...

My favorite story. Ever.

Kristy E.B. said...

HOly cow, I would never even think to call the landfill. That's absolutely amazing that they did that for you, and that they found him!!

runningfan said...

Really? You called the landfill???

Michelle Rowe said...

So we didn't really call the landfill, we just told Eli that! Since he was convinced Little Beary was mistakenly picked up as parade trash and sent to the landfill, we thought we'd roll with it.

Really, I found him on ebay, but missed the auction. Beary came with a snowsuit, so I emailed the seller and asked if I could buy the bear separate. They emailed the buyer, who said they didn't care about the bear. So, they sold it to me for the same price as the snowsuit. It was a good day for that ebay seller, and Eli is thrilled.