Thursday, April 22, 2010

Scooting and Sitting

Lilly gets where she wants to go pretty quick now. She's constantly exploring the house, especially near the front door, I think she's trying to escape! She's also pulling herself up on some small furniture, like Eli's chair. She can get up the one step in the playroom, which I'm a little sad about, she's not as easy to contain anymore. She's also sitting really well (finally), although she doesn't like to sit for long because she's got places to go!

I just found this picture of Eli at the same age Lilly is now, 9 mos. I hear all of the time that Eli and Lilly look exactly alike, and of course I see some similarities. As you can see in these two pictures, they're absolutely brother and sister, but their own little people.


jamie t. said...

She is such a happy baby! I hope she can send some of that our way when ours comes.

Jenn Duncan said...

She is getting so big and SO cute!