Thursday, December 17, 2009

Heart Update and Rice Cereal

We looked for the Big Heart in Herbie's garage and we didn't find anything. Eli kept asking where it was, and I kept saying "I don't know, you show me". After a couple of minutes going back and forth like this, Herbie proclaimed it lost. Eli seemed to accept this and said we couldn't get it since it was lost. Now he's asking for a real Bucket Truck, one that he can drive and go up in the bucket to fix lights! Well, at least I know what this is.....

Lilly tried rice cereal last week, and gaged on it. Both my kids have a sensitive gag reflex, Eli still gags on certain foods. It's a texture issue I'm sure they inherited from me, I can't eat oatmeal, cottage cheese or tapioca pudding. Maybe we'll just move on to Banannas!

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lmk1411 said...

She looks so happy though!