Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Big Heart

Every time anyone asks Eli what he wants for Christmas he replies "A Big Heart"!
It sounds cute, like he just wants to love everyone, but that's not what he's talking about.

After about the 10th time he told someone this is what he wanted, I decided he was serious and started pumping him for information. Here is our conversation:

Me: Did you see this in a show?
Eli: No

Me: Is it soft like a pillow?
Eli: No it's hard like plastic.

Me: Does it open, can you put toys in it?
Eli: No it doesn't open, but it has sprinkles on it.

Me: What do you do with it?
Eli: You just push it around the house.

Me: Does it have wheels?
Eli: Of course

Me: Does it have a handle?
Eli: I sure hope so.

Me: Are you saying CART or HEART?
Eli: I'm saying heart Mom, like a shape.

Me: Where did you see this?
Eli: In Herbie's garage.

I called Ciara (Herbie's Mom) to ask her if she has something matching this description in her garage, needless to say she doesn't. Eli is going over there on Thurs. and we'll look around to see if he can show me what he's talking about.

So far the best idea was from Eli's Doctor, she thinks he dreamed it.
The worst was from the mall Santa, he gave me a dirty look as if to say "Stop prepping your kid to say something you think is cute....just let him ask for a dump truck". There wasn't time to explain what Eli was talking about, so I just smiled. Believe me Santa, it would make my life easier if he would just ask for a dump truck.

As a parent I want to make all of my child's dreams come true. I thought someday he'd ask for something for Christmas we wouldn't be able to afford, I never anticipated the non-existent.

We are contemplating assembling something out of wood. But, I think even if we make something it won't match what Eli is imagining, and he'll still be disappointed. If we could only see inside his dreams, or if he had the ability to draw a picture....alas his Christmas dreams will be crushed the first year he really understands what's going on.


Anonymous said...

Parents want all dreams to come true, but we can't. Sometimes we just need to hold them and love them when dreams don't come true. One of life's lessons is being able to break your heart and get up and continue on.

Brian said...

"It has sprinkles on it"!!! Definitely something from his imaginiation :-)

Rachel said...

Ok, please update us when you figure it out! I think it is the William's mini-inflatable trampoline- but then again it lacks the sprinkles.

Also, I love reading your blog. You do such a good job at writing the perfect amount. You're also great at showing us the things inside "The Rowe's"- the things you can't see like Eli's imagination! Thanks.

El Jeffe and the Girls said...

That's adorable! What a great story. I'm glad you shared it!

Brian said...

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