Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sibling love

Lilly can't do much yet, but Eli constantly asks for his Brother to lay down by him.
Yes, we have some confusion over who is the brother and who is the sister!

I'm excited about our latest Goodwill find, a wooden kitchen.
I had looked at them new and after recovering from sticker shock I decided our plastic one was good enough (also from Goodwill). I found the stove/sink first, and went back the next week and found the matching refrigerator. I love Goodwill and now it's just around the corner.


Brian said...

Sweet find at the thrift store! Did you know that goodwill has a web-store?


It's kind of like ebay, but for cheapies :-)

Alie said...

YOU ARE KIDDING ME! I can't believe you found that, it's adorable. Way to go, my fellow Goodwill shopper.

Rachel said...

I'm jealous about the kitchen! I looked all summer at G-sales b/c I couldn't stand to buy a brand new one since we did f/Maisey and she didn't use it. Have you been to the new Goodwill on Cedar hills? It's nice and clean...