Saturday, June 06, 2009

Causing Trouble

After many failed attempts to get Eli to "keep the sand in the box", I gave up. I decided there has to be somewhere Eli can play where there aren't so many rules. Plus it just takes too much energy to police him, and I just can't keep up! We let him do whatever he wants in the back yard (except put sand in the heat pump). So, here's Eli taking advantage of his freedom and dumping the sand table over completely. I might have tried to stop him, but there were only about 2 cups of sand left in the table anyways.

Yesterday, against Ben's better judgement, we bought more sand.


runningfan said...

Way to pick your battles. :)

The Churches said...

Someone cut that kid's hair! (Someone Not Ben, that it!) He's still cute, even with Harry Potter hair.

Michelle Rowe said...

We already cut his hair, poor neglected orphan. It gets out of control so fast I feel like I can't keep up.

My Mom said she liked it, and it gives him character. She was sad to hear I already chopped it all off.