Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Names

We decided on a first name early this time.
I seemed to be stuck on names that started with "L", first I wanted Lucie (but Ben hated it) then I wanted London (but Ben hated it).
We finally agreed on Lillian, and we'll call her Lilly.
We've been calling her by name for a few months now, and we think it fits.
Now we're having trouble deciding on a middle name, so tell us what you think!
You can vote, or suggest something new.


The Churches said...

Is this even really a choice?! Marie is your middle name! Eli has Ben's middle name, plus it flows really well with Lillian. Or even if she said my name is Lilly Marie Rowe, it sounds better than Lilly Grace Rowe (even though Grace is a lovely name). Plus it's my middle name too (and Evie's) so keep up TRADITION!

Michelle Rowe said...

I just thought Marie Rowe sounded a little funny. It doesn't roll because there's too many R's. This is my stumbling point, I don't want to use it if it doesn't sound good.

Eli has Ben's first name for a middle name. So I guess we could do Lillian Michelle Rowe.....too many L's???

runningfan said...

I like Lillian Michelle!

Alysha said...

Marie is a great middle name, but I really like Lillian Grace. It's beautiful!