Sunday, May 17, 2009

You'll Poke Your (Dad's) Eye Out

Eli did it

In the living room

With the screw driver

We were assembling Eli's new dresser yesterday when we had an accident.
Eli was "helping" Ben put together one of the drawers with his favorite tool, the screwdriver.
All of a sudden Ben is squirming on the floor, and saying Eli poked him in the eye.
Eli is screaming because Ben had pushed him back a little, and he was freaked out because Daddy is rolling on the floor in pain. I asked to see Ben's eye, hoping Eli hit him near the eye, nope, Ben had blood dripping from his eye.
I didn't know weather we could go to Urgent Care, or if we had to see an eye doctor. I pick up the phone to call Kaiser, but it's ringing. I answer and tell my Brother "I can't talk now Ben's bleeding from his eye". Kaiser informed us that Urgent Care was equipped to handle eye injuries, so we piled in the car and rushed off.
The triage nurse asked a couple of questions, "was it near your eye or in your eyeball?", we had to respond "in the eyeball", "was it the handle, or the pointy end?", again worst case scenario, "the pointy end".
They got us in pretty quick and the Doctor said that Ben only had damage to the white part of his eye. It shouldn't effect his vision at all, and he's lucky it didn't hit anything important. They said it might hurt a lot, but it should heal quickly, it might look worse before it gets better.
Well needless to say when we got home we put all of the screw drivers away in the garage. Eli won't be allowed to use any real tools for quite awhile.


Heather said...

ew ew EWWWWW!
Gives me the shudders.
I'm glad Ben is going to be alright.

lmk1411 said...

You crack me up! I love your story telling!

The Wheelers said...

AHHH! So sorry Ben! That's terrible. In fact, it's almost unbelievable! Are you sure it was Eli holding the screwdriver? :) From choking to punctured eyeballs... from now on I am calling you for advice first before I bother with the ER.

Alyssa said...

Amazing what boys get themselves into! Hope Ben is feeling better!

Lady Dot said...

Ow! That looks very painful and it was actually bleeding? Ew. I hope it is looking and feeling better.

bonny with a Y said...

ouch! - hope he gets better soon!