Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome to the Family

We finally bought a new car!
The Mazda 5
The old Nissan is on it's last leg, and we won't be able to fit another baby in the back unless we scoot the front passenger seat all the way to the front and sit cross legged.
Ben suggested buying a scooter and following me around while I drove the kids, but that didn't pan out.
We were thinking about a minivan, but weren't sure we really needed all that room.
This is the perfect compromise for us, 3 rows, seats 6, and fits in a compact space.

Of course we think it's incredible, but if you've been driving around a 12 year old car I'm sure any car seems great.
The Nissan smells like exhaust inside, has a bumper held on with zip ties, a cedar lined trunk and a couple of missing turn signals, not to mention breaks that catch on fire if you go down a hill, the windshield has survived sandstorms and multiple rocks, and you have to jiggle the key just right to get the ignition to turn!
After a few years driving that around we're in heaven.

I think most of our friends agree, a popular comment has been "you really needed that!".


Dave and Jenn said...

LOL! Nice car! It's very similar to the Kia Rondo we just bought. Hope you guys really enjoy it.

The Churches said...

Poor Ben and his scooter. Really it's so sensible. And maybe Lily could have ridden behind Ben since both kids wouldn't have fit in the Nissan. Too bad it didn't work out...

The Hadley Family said...

I love your new car. I bet you're enjoying driving it. Though you din't mention it, I wonder if the Nissan had a nickname because of all the quirky problems it had. lol.