Sunday, March 15, 2009


The St. Patrick's Day parade comes right down our street!
The Christensen's came over to enjoy the rainy fun with us, and Eli and Kylie loved it.
We saw horses, tractors, antique cars, police, a train, a few floats and Ronald McDonald.
Of course everyone threw candy, and there was more than enough for 2 two year olds.
The candy was mostly the "cheap stuff", but there were a few big items. I think Craig took the cake with a full sized Hershey's bar!


jamie t. said...

I didn' even know they had a parade! Looks like fun despite the horrible weather. I guess its portland right? :)

The Churches said...

Hey, yeah, where was our invitation?! RUDE! :) JK, looks like fun- even in the rain!