Sunday, March 22, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Eli moved to a big boy bed a couple of weeks ago and loves it. The only down side is that naps have become sporadic. He didn't take a nap at all for the first week, but then he settled in and takes a nap a few times a week now. I think 2 is way too early to give up naps, but I have to say bedtime is a lot easier. He goes down at 7:30 with no complaints on days that he skips naps, otherwise he's in his room fooling around until 9:30. If I wasn't so selfish maybe we'd skip naps everyday, but I just can't resign myself to never having another daytime break.

He loves his fishy music from Aunt Adrianna. We took it off of the crib and put it with all of the pieces in the hall while we were making the switch. When we got the bed all assembled we told him to hop up and try it out. He yelled "Wait!" ran into the hall and came back with the fishy music and said "forgot music". We put it on his big bed and he seems really happy with it.

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The Churches said...

I LOVE your big boy bed. You are getting big so fast... We'll have to come check it out soon!
Auntie Nanna