Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Growing up

Eli wants to be a grown up, and do everything grown-ups do. Some favorites are sweeping, dusting, cooking, driving (of course we don't really let him drive, although it's still a fight every time we get in the car), vacuuming, using lotion (too bad he puts it in his hair) and going potty. He wants to sit on the toilet all day, but he hasn't actually done anything in the potty yet. I get tired of sitting in there with him, and he doesn't want me to leave. The other day I went out for a minute and came back in to find him "reading" Fortune Magizine.

On a side note:
He had his two year old check up today and measured 39 inches (over 100th percentile) and weighs 33 pounds (83rd percentile). This means he grew 3 inches in the last 6 months and gained 5 pounds. I'm not sure how he gained any weight since he's such a picky eater, it must be all the Ranch Dressing!

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