Sunday, June 17, 2007

We were walking by our pond out back this evening and saw this. I was pretty surprised because we've only ever seen ducks there. At first I thought it was a beaver, but Ben reminded me that water rats are common here. It took us awhile to remember what they're called, it went something like this....

Ben: Creature or maybe Urchin
Michelle: No, how about Capibarra
Ben: No
Michelle: Critter
Ben: Oh Yeah, Nutria

Talk about Rodent of Unusual Size, this thing is about 2 feet long (not including the tail).


Oregon Patent Boy said...

Jenelle and I saw a creature like that sometimes when we were living there. We were big proponents of the nutria theory, until one night when we found ourselves a few feet from the big, furry guy. It definitely looked like it had a beaver's tail. But maybe we saw a different animal than you did.

Michelle Rowe said...

The one we saw had a big long rat tail, but maybe there are beavers down there too. Now I'm afraid to go into the garbage shelter at night for fear of running into one of these guys.