Friday, March 09, 2007

Before we had Eli we had all of these great ideas about parenting, we thought we knew it all. I've had some experience with children from helping my Mom with her daycare and I knew I never wanted to start patting my child to sleep, give him a pacifier or let him sleep in my bed. I thought it was a mark of good parenting if a child would go to bed on their own, unassisted.

Well, after almost 7 weeks of not sleeping you can see what we've resorted to. I should've learned by now not to judge people, sometimes you end up doing just what you thought was all wrong and then you have to eat your words. It's a good thing words are calorie free, or I'd be having a tough time loosing this pregnancy weight!

Last night Eli slept for 6 hours straight, same as the night before. I love the Binki and he loves our bed!

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